3.1 Benefits of using PI Standard

The PI Standard offers a great number of advantages for manufacturers, retailers, and consumers.

For manufacturers:

  • being part of a European standard, which integrates top retailers and ensures a common approach to product information within the appliance industry;
  • having a common structure, which can be provided to all trade partners in the most commonly-used formats (txt, csv, and html);
  • saving on handling and transaction costs (being able to control and steer the communication flow towards trade partners; using an up-to-date with current energy products related legislation; bilateral contact with trade partners without interference from third parties; better educated consumers;
  • By joining the “PI-certified” organization, manufacturers are offered the unique opportunity to actively influence the content and processes of the PI Standard, according to your business needs;
  • APPLiA being a member of eCl@ss allows to be a part of eCl@ss developments and its classification standard

For retailers:

  • a common structure
  • a quick and clear overview of a product’s key features, but also having an access to detailed information necessary to communicate and sell the product;
  • having the data up-to-date because, electronically accessible
  • using an electronic format that facilitates a number of applications such as catalogues, Internet pages, kiosk solutions, and info terminals;
  • lower costs as less manual data manipulation will be required;
  • free-of-charge;
  • established communication structure with the retailer's supply partner;

For consumers:

  • a quick and clear overview of a product’s key features
  • access to detailed and up-to-date information to make an accurate product comparison