Frequently Asked Questions - Introduction

On this page, please find a number of Frequently Asked Questions relating to the PI Standard and the PI organization. The questions have been arranged in the categories as displayed below. To find the answer to a particular question, please click on the question. You can also click on the questions as listed on the right-hand side of the screen. Please note that additional information will be added to this FAQ, continuously.

1. General PI Standard information

1.1 What is Product Information (PI)?
1.2 What is a Standard?
1.3 What is the “PI-certified” product information initiative (or: PI Standard)?
1.4 By whom was the “PI-certified” product information initiative introduced?
1.5 What triggered the “PI-certified” product information initiative?

2. Content of the PI Standard

2.1 Which information is included in the “PI-certified” product information?
2.2 The PI Standard provides a lot of information about products. Does the PI Standard leave sufficient room for product differentiation?
2.3 Which product groups are included in the “PI-certified” product information?
2.4 Does this mean that the PI Standard does not cover any Small Domestic Appliances?
2.5 Is it possible to find specific information about individual products in the PI Standard?
2.6 In which languages is “PI-certified” product information available?
2.7 Will the PI Standard be available in more languages in the future? If so, which languages will be included and when will the translations be added?

3. Using the PI Standard

3.1 Why join the PI Standard and/or the “PI-certified” organization?
3.2 Who can use the PI Standard?
3.3 Who can join the PI-organization?
3.4 How can you join the “PI-certified” organization?
3.5 Do I have to join the “PI-certified” organization in order to use the PI Standard?
3.6 As a manufacturer, do I have to be a member of CECED to join the “PI-certified” organization?

4. Availability, updates, and versions

4.1 Where can I obtain the current version of the PI Standard?
4.2 In which formats is the PI Standard available?
4.3 Are there frequent updates available to the PI Standard?
4.4 Is it needed to download each new version of the PI Standard?
4.5 Is it possible to download older versions of the PI Standard?
4.6 Is it possible to identify the differences between two versions PI Standard?
4.7 Which future changes to the PI Standard are currently being developed?

5. Questions and comments

5.1 Who can I contact with additional questions or comments about the PI Standard or the PI-organization?
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