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The PI Certified Organization and its members recognize the need to exercise extreme care to avoid any violation of competition law and under no circumstances will attempts be made to guide the independent market behavior of its members. The PI Certified Organization will encourage individual members to be aware of these considerations.


All activities in any of the meetings held under the auspices of the PI Certified project will be carefully measured against the prevailing competition law in the European Union. 


By attending and participating in any PI working group meetings, members note and understand the following points:


  • No behavior-related matters will be discussed that could be construed as anti-competitive;
  • No discussion will take place on the actual content of the product information that is being exchanged via the PI Standard;
  • Discussion will only revolve around the format in which the product information can be exchanged between manufacturers and their trading partners. It is the responsibility of the individual manufacturers to deliver the actual product information to their trading partners;
  • Nothing discussed at these meetings may benefit any one company or organization to the detriment of others;
  • No discussion of competitive/intellectual property/copyright/patents or other internal structural company issues takes place at any PI working group meeting;


The attendees at these meetings are aware of the contents of the full disclaimer and agree to abide fully by its requirements.