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What are the advantages for trade/retailers?

With the “PI-certified” product information initiative, the p-organization created an approach that leaves enough room for product differentiation, but still addresses the demands of the trade for as much standardization as possible. As a result, the PI Standard delivers:

One structure across all manufacturer brands

Many pieces of information are needed to describe a product. Today, the data sheets bearing such information are usually very different depending on the brand. It is a major step forward that European manufacturers of household appliances have agreed to use one standardised format for supplying product information electronically to retailers. The format is available for download on this website, under the feature “PI Standard”. The product information itself is directly provided by the PI-certified companies.

Complete information

There is no need to look elsewhere, as each retailer will receive the format for the full set of data that is provided by to them by the p-certified companies. This includes basic (technical) information, energy label information, features, and marketing information.

Correct information

Manufacturers in the p-organization are committed to providing their trade partners with correct information, accurate both in terms of “technical” details (i.e. which complies with the “PI-certified” agreements) and “content” details (i.e. the actual specifications).

Free of charge

Both the “PI-certified” product information format and the product information are provided free of charge. This is part of the overall business package offered by the brands/manufacturers.

Direct contact with your “PI-certified” manufacturer

Trade partners will continue to receive their product information directly from the brands where they also order the appliances. There will be no third party involvement. Manufacturers drive the process to ensure that brand specific values are communicated. This ensures that each trade partner can directly access information about his individual product range.

Some additional services:

Search engine

The web-site of each manufacturer will use the same search engine for all participating brands. Thus, in the future a retailer will only need to be familiar with one way of accessing information.


Manufacturers have agreed on a basic lay-out that in particular sets out product features and marketing information. This allows users to access and compare information faster.

Additional benefits:

Electronic availability over the Internet is easier to implement

It will be easier for manufacturers to make their product information available over the Internet. At the other end, retailers will be able to access product information 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.