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Why was the PI-certified initiative developed?

The Internet is becoming increasingly important both in terms of users and sales volume. To respond to this development, the retail industry requires more and more information in electronic format.

In addition, European and national authorities demand that manufacturers provide a wide range of data about the energy and safety characteristics of products. To provide this data in electronic form would allow considerable cost savings as compared to traditional data transmission.

Finally, third-party companies are offering product information in different individual formats. Manufacturers risk losing control over the development of such different formats and standards, and over the information that is presented in them. In addition, specific items for individual trade partners are not included.

As the volume of electronic commerce increases, powerful search features, cross-channel inventory access, and detailed content will be required – all of which necessitate strong industry-wide agreements as regards common formats, processes, content, and system interfaces. Therefore, European domestic appliances manufacturers have developed a common industry-wide standard for exchanging information about their products.

Objectives and goals
The PI-certified product information initiative is specifically driven by the following objectives and goals:

  • Establish a common European standard, with integrated top retailers;
  • Ensure a common approach within the appliance industry to product information;
  • A better opportunity to differentiate between products, brands, and manufacturers;
  • Improved exposure to full product information for consumers;
  • Consumers are better informed in making a product choice;
  • Improved consumer satisfaction levels;
  • Better potential for a trade-up.